School Programs

The Carstairs Heritage Centre is proud to announce that you can now bring the museum into your classroom with our brand new Grade 2 and Grade 4 Edu-Kits. Each kit fits into the Alberta Social Studies curriculum.

Grade 2: Students will learn about the history of Carstairs through the journal of Lachlan MacCallan, a fictional surveyor traveling in the area at the end of the 19th century. Lachlan experiences and learns about the Five Things that led to Carstairs development, which are the same Five Things presented in the museums regular tour.

Grade 4: In this Edu-Kit, students will learn about the homesteading history of Alberta through the journal entries of the Luthor family and letters from and to Patrick Alexander Harris. Both stories cover what led to the homesteading demand in Western Canada, the trials and tribulations faced by homesteaders, and what could lead to failure or success of the attempt.

Both Kits include a detailed lesson plan, which can be broken down into several different lessons. It also includes your choice of activities to engage the students in different forms of learning. If you are interested in using an Edu-Kit in your classroom, please contact the museum through one of the methods found here.