Digital File Retrieval and Research Services

The Carstairs Heritage Centre staff and management reserve the right to place conditions on the completion of orders. The size of the order, copyright restrictions, conservation requirements, or staff scheduling/ workload may need special consideration.

Digital Photo Files

Researchers/guests must bring their own USB stick. Timeline for file retrieval is subject to staff availability and is to be agreed upon between the Museum Manager and the researcher at the time of the request. Payment is required before any photos are released. If the time taken to retrieve the requested photos falls outside of the free first hour of research, then research rates will also apply (see section below).

Free digital photo files for members of the Carstairs & District Historical Society

For non-members- $20 for the first file, $10 for every file after that

Research Requests

All research requests receive one free hour of research and are subject to staff time and availability. Price after initial 1st free hour: $50.00 per hour of research time, billable to the nearest half hour. Minimum charge of $50.00. Must be paid in full before any findings are released.

 Research requests are completed by Museum staff with the assistance of trained volunteers and will utilize the Museum’s archival holdings, photograph collection, and/or research library. After the first free hour has elapsed the requester will be charged an hourly rate for research conducted by Museum staff or have the option to book time (at no charge) at the Museum to continue research on their own time*.

Visitors may preauthorize a certain number of research hours to be paid for, and if the Museum cannot finish the project in the allotted time the requester will be notified. Charges will not exceed the authorized amount of time but may fall below this time, in which case the requester will be charged the lesser amount to the nearest half hour.

Optional service for Carstairs local sites/businesses/organizations: writing services and preparation/design of Museum style text panels including the research and photo files found by staff may be contracted at the same rate as research requests. Please note there is no free hour for writing or design. Staff reserves the right to cap the amount of time spent on design as we are not a graphic design service but rather can create some simple text/visual panels in the style of what is presented in the museum.

*Please note: members of the public may access the museum’s research library by appointment but will not be granted access to archival materials for the safety and security of the collection. Any work in the archives will be done by Museum staff within the free one-hour window as much as possible and any additional time needed will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

All monies raised through the above services will support the initiatives of the Carstairs Heritage Centre which include but are not limited to: the care and maintenance of the collection, creation and delivery of public and educational programs, research initiatives, conservation, museum upkeep, and more.