Permanent Exhibits

Roulston Hall

Roulston Hall was originally built in 1957 to serve as a hall for the Knox Presbyterian Church, spearheaded by Rev. T.E. Roulston for whom the hall was named. It now displays the history of the Carstairs area, from Pre-European occupation to the time when Carstairs was incorporated into a town, and shows all the reasons for why Carstairs is where it is today.

Knox Presbyterian Church

The Knox Presbyterian Church was built in 1901, and is the oldest extant building in Carstairs. Embodying the labours and sacrifice of early community pioneers, Knox Presbyterian Church is symbolic of the early settlement of the town. It closed as a church in 1985, before being designated a Historic Resource in 1988. The church is often the host for such events as Reveries, and can be privately rented.

The Community Gallery

The Community Gallery houses many of our displays (see map here) including the Doctor’s Office with information about Dr. Chrystal (an important early figure in Carstairs), the General Store, and School Days display.


Lily the Cow in the Dairy & Cattle Outbuilding.
She is available for milking during the summer!

The outdoor buildings of the Museum include exhibits on the Grain Elevators, Transportation, Dairy & Cattle (where Lily the Cow lives), and Mixed Farming. Also included are the McCaig House, built 1901 and moved to the Museum in 1988, and the Heritage Gardens. The Outbuildings and Gardens are best enjoyed in the summertime, but can be opened for you upon request.